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The Phnom Penh Xiaolongkan Hotpot Flagship Store has commenced trial operations mid-August

a year ago

Phnom Penh Xiaolongkan Hotpot Flagship Store has started its trial operation mid-August 2021. This is the second branch of Xiaolongkan Hotpot in Phnom Penh and its third year in Phnom Penh. The flagship store is located at No. 167 Road, Sangkat Tonle Basak, Khan Chamkamorn. The building location at the corner stands out uniquely.

Xiaolongkan Hotpot Flagship Store has been fully decked out from ambience to services, dishes to beverages, to bring a whole new dining experience to consumers.

Walking into the restaurant, it resonates with the embodiment of an ancient teahouse tucked away in a modern city. The blue bricks and the gray tiles, exude an antique feel. Stacked brick by brick, it completes the unique experience that belongs to Xiaolongkan, with the scintillating smells and rich tastes guaranteed to sweep diners off their feet.

Since opening, Xiaolongkan Hot Pot Flagship Store has consistently ranked first place in the Phnom Penh Hot Pot Industry. As of August 26, 2021, its table opening rate achieved an astonishing 99%. Starting from opening day, the Xiaolongkan Hot Pot Flagship Store in Phnom Penh will have a trial operation period of one week, with discounts across the entire menu. As an authentic Sichuan hot pot, Xiaolongkanlao hot pot flagship store stays true to “making with heart and quality with conscience”, and is committed to presenting the most original Sichuan flavor and Chinese style to diners. Xiaolongkan Hot Pot uses only the freshest ingredients, presented with the most sincere service to entice the taste buds of diners.

As a "Taste beyond Borders " restaurant in Cambodia, the Xiaolongkan Hotpot Flagship Store strives to offer the most authentic Sichuan hot pot also to Cambodian Chinese and Cambodian diners, and will ensure that the recipe of the hotpot remains original for Cambodian diners to enjoy. Xiaolongkan Hotpot Flagship Store plans to build on its success and open more branches across Cambodia and surrounding Southeast Asian countries in the future.

Excellence in quality is the bedrock for excellent partnerships. Xiaolongkan Hotpot Flagship Store has in-depth cooperation with partners from many industries, including Le Ma Car Service, PanAsiaLife media, 58cam, Xiaoma Delivery, Huione etc. During the trial period of the flagship store. we also cooperated closely with the local well-established ride-hiring services APP "Le Ma Car Service". When using the app, the journey to Phnom Peng Xiaolong Kan Hot Pot will be made complimentary.

Address:No. 167 Road, Sangkat Tonle Basak, Khan Chamkamorn, Phnom Penh.

Contact No.:023232000